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Live, real-time closed captioning for local and cable television news networks.

We’re the most reliable Closed Captioning Company in the United States with over one million hours of national and local programming since 1987 and over 30 years of Captioning Real-Time News.


About Media Captioning Services

MCS, as we are also known as, was formed in 1987 by Patricia Ferrier of Los Angeles, and was the first woman-owned closed captioning company formed in the U.S. It remains the largest privately held woman-owned closed-captioning company in the U.S. MCS is a pioneer in the implementation of real-time captioning.

In 1991, CNN selected MCS to provide their real-time closed-captioning, and by 1994 MCS was captioning four of their networks. MCS, in 2001, was closed-captioning the events of 9/11 on CNBC, Fox News Channel, and CNN networks simultaneously. MCS was instrumental in using innovative technologies at the time, Digital 56k, frame relay, direct circuits for delivering real-time data from our California offices to our broadcast and cable network clients.

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Real Time Captioning

A.I. vs Real-Time Captioning

Recent advances in the field of artificial intelligence spurred by developments in neural network research, computer processing power, and in some respects, the internet, have given rise to myriad speculation about applications for this technology in speech-to-text.

Although advances have been impressive, current automated speech-to-text systems are failing to produce better than 90% accuracy on even the most common turnkey transcription or speech-to-text applications, at least from commercially available systems. Cognitive resolution of words to produce accurate replication of speech to text is still elusive, and still awaits further advances in neural network/cognitive recognition by these computing systems.

Closed Captioning Services FAQs

What is closed captioning?

Closed captioning is an assistive technology that allows the deaf and hard of hearing to comprehend video content.

What is Real-Time Closed Captioning?

Real-time closed-captioning is the process of creating text from audio/speech broadcast on video programming displayed on television, and other sources such as streaming video. The text data is encoded into devices at broadcast stations/entities and displayed on devices equipped with decoder chips, with text appearing in various portions of the video screen. Read More about real-time closed captioning.

What’s the difference between Real-time closed captioning and offline content closed captioning?

Real-Time is typically used in network broadcasts to maintain accuracy and flexibility. Lately Real-Time has extended to Live Stream Captioning over Twitter, Facebook, etc.  Offline content is typically captioned when the content will be used for purposes outside of a broadcast or streaming.

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