MCS Provides Captioning for Live, Remote Streaming Events

Do you need or require live, remote captioning for your Zoom meetings, Facebook gatherings, YouTube events, Twitter join-ups? Media Captioning Services can help!

The sudden and drastic expansion of remote meetings being streamed online due to the global COVID-19 pandemic has also expanded the need for captioning of streaming events in order for the deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers to have the same level of access to the events and information as everyone else. 

To incorporate captioning in your online streaming events, Falcon, a software-based caption encoder created by EEG Enterprises, enables embedding of encoded captioning data in live video Internet streaming events. The encoded captioning data is transmitted along with the event media to the viewers attending the event. 

The captioning data is decoded by streaming video players used by viewers of the event. Deaf or Hard of Hearing users can view captioning remotely and follow events by viewing the captions streaming directly into a computer or mobile device web browser simply by clicking the CC button displayed in their viewing app (typically located in lower right corner). 

Video producers who include Falcon in their transmission path can allow MCS to connect to Falcon via EEG’s secure iCap application and deliver high-quality captioning data to the streaming event. No physical hardware or installations required! Transcoding software will be required to transcode the event media to RTMP for Falcon to process. 

Once a Zoom meeting has been configured, an API Token (a unique, secure URL) can be generated by clicking on the CC button in the lower right bottom of the Zoom interface. The API Token from Zoom can then be entered into Falcon to link to the two services and allow for captioning to be received and processed by Zoom.

Falcon can also be used directly with Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter events as well. Contact us to get started!